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Visual Smugglers - Video Demo Reel 2019



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Visual Smugglers - Demo Reel, select highlight on various shoots we worked on since 2017. 





We are a video production company based in Toronto. We help break through the noise with content that is Bold, Authentic and Engaging. Some of the clients include Adidas, National Geographic, City of Toronto, Jarritos and Honda. 


We are a collective of Toronto creatives who help with the whole process. From Ideation, Shooting, Motion Graphics and Video Editing of the video projects. 


We believe in creating content that resonates with the new world and invests heavily in the strategy stages. Making sure that your products get through the noise. 




Visual Smugglers propose creating Mico Content. 

Micro Content is Trending 

We have an intimate conversation with our Audience

With our  🎧 Headphones on and speaking to us.



Visual Smugglers propose a series called Words Of Wisdom.

We hear the secrete sauce from Influencers,  artist, athletes and fashion creatives. ​Authenticity gives us 🔋Power.

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🎥 Videos 


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