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Youtube Cooking Videos 

The Ask

We worked with Andrea Falcone a Registered Dietitian and Fitness professional. We worked with her to create a cooking video to help promote her services and add a voice and face to what she does.

The Setup

Video allows you to show your authentic self and we would love to capture that side. Visit our website to get in touch, Visual Smugglers is a Toronto video production company that creates video content for your social media feeds.


So if you want to share your passion and personality to the world then a video is the way to go. We can help get the best out of you so your authentic self-comes through. Video changes your relationship with the audience, it connects us and we help bring your authentic self out. 


Andrea is an amazing Dietitian! She has personally helped me to deal with food allergies and has helped me figure out which foods inflame me and which help me

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