Catering Video 


Colette Grand Café and Sick Kids conducted a charity dinner and invited us to cover the event. Working closely with their marketing team, we made a promotional video of highlights from the day. 


Catering videos are great for the promotional arsenal. Rather than telling people what you do, you can show them. 

Promotional catering videos also allow you to show the services you provided and show the level of attention you put into your business. Allowing you to show what you do to prospect in a more engaging way to prospect customers.

Client: Colette Grand Café part of Chase Hospitality Group

Type: Event Video Highlight Reel 

Content: Instagram Promotional Video Content, Event Videography, Charitable event dinner video

Services Provided: Video Editing, Videography Services, Music & Story Development services

Keywords: Catering Company 

Catering Event Video Example

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