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Short Film Fashion Promotional Video

The Who

We collaborated with fashion designer and civil engineer Wendy NG of Dystropolis to create a fashion concept video. Increasing global warming may make some of us create cities on Mars and underwater right? That’s why we are showing what the people will be wearing in that scenario. 


The Setup

Working with green screen and 3D software. This shoot involved the foresight of using green screen and the final product. 


Dystropolis - a world where Futursophistication meets cyberdarkness. Wendy NG is the designer behind this brand. 

Description of Project

What if global warming in the future forced some of us to Mars and some of us to re-surge underwater civilizations? Fashion designer and Civil Engineer, Wendy Ng of Dystropolis, imagine what inhabitants of a dystopian futuristic Atlantis would look like and what would they wear...


Cinematographers by Visual Smugglers we love story and visuals, when you mix both together you've got a powerful mix. To find more information about Visual Smugglers check out



Director: Filip Vukcevic
Designer: Wendy Ng
Starring: Faery Lepidoptera & Matthew Barnes
Director of Photography: Gautam Narang
Jewellery and Accessories: Iris Lee

Music: "Misery" by Saturn


Special Thanks:
Marco Adamovic
Stavros Sofianos
Jakob Appleby

Fashion Promotional Video

Dystropolis Fashion Promo Video by Visual Smugglers Toronto Video Production Company
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