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Lewd Fashion

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 Branding & Creative Direction 

We help Lewd Fashion to develop their image. Working closely with Lewd Fashion


ℹ️ Lewd Fashion is for Waifus, E-Girls & Cosplayers. Freedom of Expression Has Never Been This Lewd!

Case Study 

  • Development  of Photography Images

  • Creative Direction for brand 

  • Branding and Copy suggestions

Visual Smugglers helped Lewd Fashion in developing their brand, through careful image creation. The audience is e-girl/cosplayers. 

When you have a brand, you are telling a story. When you tell a story, you're telling it to a specific person.   


When working with Lewd Fashion, we kept the audience in mind. We were targeting only fans demographic. Making a clothing line for them. So we made sure the imagrey  would help pepole invsion what they would look like in the cloths. 

What do they like?

Where do they go?

What is their story?

What is their world view? 

Whom are you talking to?



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