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Fashion Youtube Reality TV Web Serise 

The Ask

Visual Smugglers worked with SuperModel Canada for Season 3. We helped with shooting content for three days. These videos were intended for a YouTube web series. 

They also wanted to integrate the sponsors into the video. Sponsors included HP and Toronto Fashion Academy.


The Setup

Moving one step ahead of them, in teams of three. We got the shots, to help make the story. Sometimes reality shows can be unpredictable, but like chess. You have to think two steps ahead. 

This video was used to create buzz for future years and please sponsors for the event. The video running time was from 2-4 Minutes. 


SuperModel Canada (SMC) is searching the nation for Canada's next female and male Supermodel. Aspiring models will compete head to head for a chance to be Canada top model.  

Fashion Web Serise Youtube Video Example

Super Model Canada Search Challenge

Super Model Canada Search Challenge
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Super Model Canada Search Challenge 2 Season 3
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SuperModel Canada Search Season 3 Challenge 3
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