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Instagram Micro serialized horror series

#NSFW - Instagram Series and Branded Content 


Follow Your Shadow is a  tv show and lewd fashion is a lifestyle brand. We worked with the director of both companies.


Creating an online pressence for his Shopify store and a branded, micro-serialized series on Instagram. Visual Smugglers implemented the brand’s creative direction for the brand’s show and oversaw the cinematography and photography of the brand’s website and web series.


Mr. Serial Killer is a micro Instagram video series. Visual Smugglers help find the look for Follow Your Shadow. Through research and mood boards. 


Visual Smugglers focuses on the look and feel of a project before we start shooting. Once we have that locked down we stick to a plan. This gives a branded feel to the content.


Visual Smugglers didn't only just shoot the Instagram series but also ​created promotional content for the brand. For use for Shopify, e-commerce sites and their Instagram feed. 


Through research and outlining a look through a look book. We were able to create 2 years of content. When you have a clear direction and goal in mind. Content has a meaning and a purpose. 


We created both promotional videos for the lifestyle brand as well as boudoir portraits photographs for their online presence.