Working with Branding and Buzzing (Digital Marketing agency, which specializes in food) working with their client Jarritos, the colourful Mexican soda company. We worked closely with Branding and Buzzing from the concept to the final product. 


We worked from our client's storyboard to the final product. Video production is a collaborative medium and we love work with other digital marketing agency in finding creative solutions to solve problems. You have to take an initial idea and develop a final product. 

Client: Branding And Buzzing 

Services: Video Production Services,  Video Editing Services 

Content used for Instagram Campaign and landing page  

Business Category: Promotional Video, Video campaign for social media, Social Media Marketing Videos 

























Final video made it to Jarritos website with a little help from our friends at 

Branding & Buzzing

Regular PlameroJarritos website 

Spicy PlameroJarritos website 

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