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Crowdfunding Kickstarter Video 

The Ask

We helped MrMiSocki in running a Kickstarter campaign for their new product the “Mismatched Designer Socks.” The ingredients of our video were their story and creativity. In addition to the features of your new product, you can tell your story to create a fanbase

The Setup

We made this stop-motion masterpiece engaging, eye-catching and colourful. We wanted to do things differently. Rather than do a talking head video. We want for more of a story based Kickstarter campaign. 

Visual Smugglers helps create your Kickstarter video from ideation, shooting and editing. We can even do the voice over and music for you. We want to make sure your Kickstarter campaign gets funded. MrMiSocki, got fully funded and ended up being featured in GQ, Men's Health and Society of Illustrators.  



Clothing Accessory brand  MrMiSocki. Comic Inspired, Mismatched Socks - MrMiSocki is a sock line for the creatively inclined. Based on a comic we created about a sock who wakes up in the dryer.

Kickstarter Campaign Video

Kickstarter Campaign, 🎉Successfully funded 

MrMiSocki Kickstarter Video
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