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Motion Graphics Services

Motion Graphics

Visual Smugglers offers motion graphic services. 

We offer frame painting, motion graphics and animation.

We have created promos for Youtubers, dancers, influencers and brands like Adidas

By keeping everything in-house. Your video and animation can be done in one place.


The Code

Planning=The Gig

The Artist=G's

The Job=Production

The Delivery=The Drop

Shot List=The Menu


We like to create detailed plans so we are on the same page. The more you think about the final product. When we go to create we can be more specific and intentional. We like to plan things. 



So we make sure that we are all on the same page. We call this “The Gig” . Here we come up with a game plan for the gig on how we are going to complete the job and the crew aka the (g's) involved


Production (THE JOB)


Once we have the crew, we are ready for the job. We go into production mode. 

We send our G’s (The ARTIST) out to do the job. When they are working on a project this is called the Production stage.

The Pre-Production (Editing) 

Once they have done their fine work, we put it all together in the cutting room. This is the editing process.


We keep you in the loop and make sure we are all on the same page.

Once the edit has been approved, we give you an offer you can’t refuse. The final delivered file. We like to call the Drop. (Delivery of content)  


We just made something together, now your family. 


Animation Workflow

Our workflow is divided into 7 phases that enable us to maintain precise timelines and keep transparent lines of communication.

Step 1: Client Onboarding
After agreeing to move forward on a project we send the client an intake form in order to make sure we are completely on the same page. We then have a 1 hour video chat to review the client intake form. 

Step 2: Ideation
After meeting we have a 1 hour video chat and then make a creative brief that will outline the entire project and can be referred to through the duration of the project creation stage.

Step 3: Intake
From there we receive all relevant files from the client before moving onto the creation phase.


Step 4: Illustration and animation 
The animation process will now begin. We should have the majority of creative changes locked before this stage begins. This is where all of the main assets are created.

Step 5: Recording and Compositing 
We then assemble all of the illustrations and animations and pull together a complete project during this stage.


Step 6: Review 
The project is shared back and forth with the client for feedback. 

Step 7: Export and delivery
After approval the final video is exported in all relevant aspect ratios.



An example of frame painting over footage for Adidas.

Example of a concept fashion film. We have the network to add the right elements to your video. 

Logo deisgn for Candian beard oil e-commerce company Emperor Beard Co. 

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