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3 Podcast Worth Listening to for Creatives

Seth Godin - Podcast

If you're in the creative feed or just like storytelling, this is your bedtime story podcast. Seth Godin, tells you a story that feels authentic. It's that smart friend you wish you were.


The E Project

A podcast for those who work for themselves or have a side hustle, well anyone is young and working in this world. The Entrepreneur podcast is your required listing material, required.

When you work for yourself it can be lonely, who do you talk to? Your other friends have jobs. What about those insecurities you have? You once went from a team and now your sitting in your room as a team of one.

This podcast is that reassuring voice, that you got this and this is how I overcame this. Something you really need to hear!



A podcast that helps you escape normal life, if you are trying to solve a problem, well let's face it, every day that is what we have to do. Then this podcast gives your brain a break, get transported into another world and surrounding your room with Science and explore this vast universe.



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