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5 Books that will change you

Updated: Oct 8, 2020


As we wake up in Covid-19. Self-isolation is a thing, and after we have binged many TV shows and movies. We are left with that thought "I should be doing something more productive" or something in that nature.

These books should help you feel better about yourself and help you master your craft, no matter what you are doing. A little about my background, I'm a cinematographer/filmmaker and have found these books to be extremely helpful.

So when we leave this Covid-19 world, we used our time wisely and improved as people out of this.

Book Suggestions

Book 1: Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results, by Drew Boyd (Author), Jacob Goldenberg (Author)

Buy: @ Amazon Link

Books that every creative needs to read
Inside The Box by Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg

Think "Inside the box" is a great book for improving what you do, no matter what you do. We often are told, "Think Outside the box" which is a damaging thought.

Why this is a damaging thought? Well, for me personally it creates a chain of anxiety. Your jumping from idea to idea, thinking to yourself "I need this, that and" This will lead you in an endless loop. Rather thank thinking like this, you have to try and think inside the box. You ask yourself and using what is around you first.

Can you create a combination of things, to get the result you want. Sometimes thee answers are in front of us. We just have to look at the problem differently. This book teaches you a way of thinking differently, by thinking analytically at a problem. By limiting our choices we can think more specifically about a problem.


We can meditate on it, and more likely comes to an answer, this book taught me this. This book taught me to see the problem differently, can I solve this problem with things around me?


Book 2: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Harper Perennial Modern Classics) Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Author) Buy: @ Amazon Link

Flow, a book that will open your chakra and tap into a natural state we have. We all have moments of it.

When we are focused on a task and can complete it, even if it's complicated and has many steps.

Drawing from my life, when you are on set and doing lighting. You learn to learn that there are many steps to do something. The more you do these drills and steps, they become natural, you feel that you re-tapped into a flow state of being.


This book, helps you see this and learn how to tap into this force. You learn through examples and how to encourage this super hack.


Book 3: Mastery by By Robert Greene buy @ Amazon Link

Mastery, becoming an expert in what you do.

When we think of the greats, Mozart, Da Vinci. You may think they are born with it.

They aren't, it takes many hours, years and attempts to get good at something. Talent needs time to grow, ideas need to form.

You get insight in their process and the challenges they faced to the greatness.

We have to be the apprenticeship, have an open mind and develop mastery. They learnt the rules and learned how to tweak things. You have to look deeply into a subject to understand it.

Curiosity is a start, it's the first footstep into the right direction, the rest is the journey. A journey to the master something.

This book taught me, how have you have to learn more to earn more. We can use skills that we learn and apply them to reap greater financial goals in the future.

Learning ain't easy, when we try to learn things by ourselves we get hard on ourselves. We have to guide ourselves, have a guide makes life easier. We have to find that guide or be that guide.

To be a master at something, you have to learn the important aspect of something. You can learn the basic and what you need to know in 3 years but the rest of your life will be mastering it. That's what an apprenticeship is, you learn the process. You then have a choice to keep doing things or add your own perspective to it. You can't stay an apprenticeship forever, you can't learn forever. At one point you got to make things happen.

In this book, we visit our childhood and learn to see the world from a child's perspective. He finds to relate the path of mastery to specific situations. This gives me hope.


This book, helps you to see things from a different perspective, how to have an open mind and to learn from many different masters. You see patterns and see and start to respect whatever craft you are doing. You learn it takes many man-hours to get good at something. By hearing all these different stories, you are also training your brain how to relate it to each other. It will teach you to think outside the box and how the masters aren't what we think it is.


Book 4: Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whiteman buy @ Amazon Link

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

The book cover may look cheesy. But when you open it's full of words of wisdom.

Youtube is full off entrepreneur trying to sell you stuff. Like they say, the game is to be sold not told.

This book gives you actually knowledge. It gives your practical examples and ignites the critical thinking inside you.

It's ogilvy on advertising and a masterclass on advertising.

If your starting a brand, business or have a digital agency. This is an essential book.


This book feels like a cheat sheet to advertising. Just buy it, read it and apply it. Your have many ah moments. It will help decode your own business. The technology will change, but the message and what you are saying won't. Strategy will always be part of running a business as this is a great book for helping you start your own game plan.


About the author

Article by Visual Smugglers (Gautam Narang) founder and C.E.O of Visual Smugglers, a Toronto Video Production Company, we create social media ads for Instagram and Facebook video ads. We are content creators creating content for Brands and Business. To find out more information, please visit   


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