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5 Shows to watch while in quarantine

Updated: May 4, 2020


Ok, let's stop wasting valuable time, things to watch while in quarantine. Your going to have the time and as a good diet, this is a nice list of escapism and some shows that will inspire you to question within. We only serve out 5's


#1 - Ozark

1. Ozark (On Netflix) season 3 came out and I've been an Ozark fan for quite some time. This season is where things get intresting. You had two seasons that built up the story, they were the blueprint. Now you see these characters develop.

This show deals with mental health issues, family and a criminal empire.

If you haven't seen the two other season, what's your excuse? You got the time!

Your like this show if you like dark shows, shows that show the diverse spectrum of the human condition and personas.


If Statement: psychology, dramatic drama and Narcos. We think you like this one.

Rating: 5 ✨✨✨✨✨


#2 After Life, Season 2

After Life, is on Netflix. This is a show full of meaning and symbolism. It grabs you with a hook and leaves you with a jab.

This is what life is about, it's realistic and we often find that life is funnier than reality. We are all going through a hard time at the moment, and you can relate to the main character. He is also trying to find meaning and sense from all this madness.

We delve into his world and we hear words of wisdom from all walks of life. This is a show about reflection, expectations, our past and how we treat each other.


If Statement: Deep, full of symbolism, your cry, you see a bit of you in this and that's ok. Get inspired to be a better self and finding out who you are first.

Rating: 5 ✨✨✨✨✨


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