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Being true to yourself

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

We spoke to James Ramos (Photographer) about being authentic through his personal and work life.



A conversation about authenticity through the mind of a visual artist.


What are 2 things you do to help develop who you are?

James Ramos

First, connect with nature. Being grounded I found a lot

of spiritual advice from either people or seeking it myself. When we're younger, you're always looking for something in your heart and in your head. I discovered we're all connected to everything. Being with nature and sitting by the water which is flowing and anything flowing is energy. It's nice because it shows we are part of this earth.

The second thing would be spending a lot of time alone.

I think being alone in your thoughts is good for you. Its mental strength, for example, going to the gym, eating right, and sleeping that's part of training. And part of training your mind is just being in your thoughts. Reminding yourself that you're just watching that chatter in your head. It's about being present, but it's not about being completely silent.

Being okay with what you think and how you feel about yourself.


How do stay true to yourself while creating?

It's kind of difficult because when you are an artist or anything. You are always influenced by something. So, when it comes to being genuine and authentic, it's this constant battle. You do things that you like, and then you emulate. The things that you like by people that you were influenced by. So, in that respect, it's kind of going in that route, but not indulging too much in what they do, because you want to do things yourself.

When it comes to creativity it all comes from one place, from God.


How do you define authenticity?

It's just being true to yourself. We have a mask for, when we go out, we have a mask for when we work, we have a mask for when we see our family, and then we have a mask when we look in the mirror. So the authenticity part is being yourself in all three, without having to compromise as much as possible

Understanding your ego, and then once you're able to be okay with the person in the mirror, you'll be okay with the person at work, and you'll be okay with the person at home. But you create the vibe, and the environment you're around. Choosing to understand and being conscious of what's around you.


What are your feelings towards social media?

Social media is a good tool. It's awesome to connect with everyone right now. And it's a tool that should be used consciously. I try to keep it all sectioned out. So, I will have Facebook for myself, and I will have Instagram for my creativity. And then I will have my website say for my business. So it's all streamlined.

In summary, finding yourself in this journey we call life will benefit us more than anything. Connecting with the planet and understanding God is blessing us with certain energies. In turn, giving us opportunities to create a better environment for all. You can view James work here


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