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Most impressive experience...

As you leave the Cinema, you often find yourself saying to yourself, “The Book was better” and in some cases that is true.

VR is very immersive, 3D brings you into the picture, but you know what medium is the most interactive?

It's lying on your coffee table, you have in on your shelfs, it's been with us for Centuries. It's called, a book.

After watching "The Meg" you see the technology advancements we have made, thought 3D might put you in the picture and VR even more so.

These mediums are missing one thing, putting us in the mind of the characters, we can't read their thoughts. This is just one of the powers of the written word, but then again after seeing Spike Lee New film BlacKkKlansman, I take that back.

No matter what happens throughout the years, one thing will remain the same, story telling should matter, we should feel and relate to the person. Thought we might feel more impressed into the character, if you don't have a connection it is just a superficial experience, story telling rules everything around us, it connects us, it bounds us, please don't forget this.



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