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How we Work at Visual Smugglers

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

How We Work at Visual Smugglers

We all have to find what works for us.

This is the process that works with us.

1. Sprinting - Focused attention to work

2.Perspective - Keeping an open mind

3. Critical Thinking - Ideas backed with facts



We plan our tasks out before we start the day.

It's similar to what an assistant chef does with the ingredients.

You have everything ready and prepped.

Then you then get to work.

We also sprint together

As if you are an ant colony and all working together in perfect harmony completing a task together.



The difference between a videographer and an agency. Is the difference between a lone wolf and a pack of wolves.

We keep our wolf pack diverse. Everyone has a different background. Everyone has their own worldview. This gives us a fresh PERSPECTIVE.

We encourage this, we want to hear different opinions.

To get a refined vision. You have to get rid of the things that don’t make sense. You have to step back to get a FRESH PERSPECTIVE

We can also change our perspective by taking a step back. We like to cram our brains with data. Understand what we are undertaking.

We communicate with our team and clients. We listen to everyone. We then take all that information and we go for a walk. We take a breather and we come back fresh, with NEW PERSPECTIVE.



We question everything.

Critical thinking, allows you to break down a problem and find a creative solution.

By looking at the problem from different perspectives. You can find new solutions.

Visual Smugglers like to keep a routine and a process. We believe in structure and parameters. They ironically allow you to be more creative.

Creativity lives when you have fewer options. Critical thinking allows you to limit down the options.

To get there, you have to do your research, see the problem from different perspectives. We like to keep things all in one place. We create Production Manual to each project. This is where we lay out the data, the logic behind our choices and our solutions.



We utilized many methods to get the job done.

We think deeply about what we do.

We spend time about finding patterns.

You have to to see the bigger picture.

You have to limit your choices so you can focus on the core message.


Visual Smugglers is a animation and video production company. You can find out more information at




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