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I'm bored

Updated: May 4, 2020

Owner of Visual Smugglers, (Gautam Narang) was featured in a video about boredom.

Boredom is real and it’s in full effect, how do you cope? Well, here are some resources and website that might help you get through this. Not only will you be a better person out of this, but you be smart, stronger and wiser*


Some of these websites are pertaining to Toronto and having access to a Libary card.


Become Smarter

LinkedIn Learning

If you have a Toronto Libary card, you get to get access to LinkedIn Learning. Each time you finish a course it will be added to your LinkedIn profile. Look at you, adulting like a professional. Link


Cutting back on Netflix and streams, well again if you have a Library card, then you can access this beautiful streaming site. You get 8 free credits a month, but unlimited access to the “The Great Course” where you can learn business, art, fitness and many other subjects. Link

Blink List

Did you ever use those summary books in school? Instead of reading the book, you can read the cheat notes. That sounded logical to me, now were all grown up and live in a digital world. We have things link Blink List, which sums up key concepts of books in a matter of mins. They range for 8 to 12 mins. Link



Crash Courses

makes sense to me, sometimes you want to learn a subject in stages. You want the same instructor, same lighting e.t.c. This a great channel to brush up on new knowledge. Link

Ted Talks

Ted Talks, are talks that get you time to think, they are like brain promote. They inspire you to think deeply, they inspire you to think critically. Every day included Ted in it. Link



Open Culture

Open culture, is your resource and blog for all things cultured, from books that would look good on your bookshelf to websites and youtube videos that will leave you a little more cultured. Link




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