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It's all connected

It's all connected, it's a stream of conscious. When someone says they want a "Viral" video, it's not that simple.

Your tapping into the conscious of the general public. It's an emotion that is universal.

A concept, it's a mistake sometimes, which needs to be hit up with a response.

It's like throwing a basketball with your back to the net. It happens, it sure does, now try doing that 20 times.

We live in a culture of quotes, chapters, summaries and have forgotten that there is more than one ingredient to it all. If you want to create something, you have to think of many different elements.

If you have a business, it's not only about your product, you have to create content that relates it to others.

You have to have a message and a brand. We don't connect to things, we connect to ideas.

Once your brand stands for something, you create a culture and through culture, you get a community.

When you create anything, you have to think of the overall picture. How it is all connected.

A video needs to come from an idea. Then you have to think of how you're going to make it, how are you going to distribute it?

What will be your call to action? Is your website ready? Is your messaging matching your social media? Is your video matching your brand message?

When you see "Youtube" videos that talk only about one element, you have to realize that their are so many different elements that go into the creation of something. The books you read, the friends you have, the conversations, the experiences, your desires and It's not just one thing.

Everything is connected.



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