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Less Talk, More Visuals

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

The process, of coming up with the "Less talk, more visuals" campaign.

This was the first iteration. It had too much copy.

It's a process.

It all started with an idea.

It all started with me looking through 600 images.

How do we tie this all together?

Show don't tell and a picture tells a thousand words. Are some of my favourite phrases.


They get to the point. While going through my image collection.

Less talk, more visuals came to my mind. To me, it sums up. Visuals can express more than words can.

At first, we were going to add the text, "The internet has evolved...." but felt it was too much information. Our first thought is to give as much information as we can. Just in case someone doesn't understand the concept. But by getting rid of words, but getting to the point. You're going to be more direct.

Sometimes you got to let the visuals speak. This was all done by using the process of CRITICAL THINKING. This is our process. Read our Core Values




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