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Let's Collab

Let's Collab, is inserted in profiles around the internet. It's the forgotten art. Let's go back in time when the kings wanted to send a message.

They sent it via a messenger, who might take days, weeks or months to convey the message to the other person.

This is where the behavior began, we thought to ourselves. Why should I leave my castle, to tell share a message, I'll send someone to tell you my message.

We send messages, SMS, what's app message and all kind of messages to each other.

We ask ourselves this question every day, "do I really need to leave my house?" The world is a scary place, cold and all kinds of anxiety are outside.

This is a modern dilemma, but I pleased you. Leave your house, collaboration is how we exchange ideas.

When you're in the same room as someone, talking face to face and brainstorming. You think to yourself, "this is so much easier in person."

As technology advances, we must remind ourselves of the power of face to face and vibing of each other. Imagine the number of bands and business were created from two people sitting in a room together.

Collaboration brings many wonderful things, it's easier to follow someone when you face to face.

You don't have to go through messages. It's instant, ok, you have search, but a notepad with a pen is a wonderful thing and you think about each word you write down.

So, please make that effort and collaborate.



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