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Music Branded Doc

Profile of video of Jeremy Rodney Hall (Photographer, filmmaker and musician)

We live in a world where we want to fit in. Interesting work, doesn't happen like that. If you latch onto trends you end up being washed to sea like the end of a wave. It's better to do your own thing. Live in your own world. Find what you find interesting.

In this project called Words of Wisdom, we did that. This was one of Visual Smugglers first projects. We headed out with two cameras and a tripod and slider.

This was a project where you learned to be your authentic self. That's the self, that happens when you ignore all the cameras. Where you zone out and put yourself into the work. The moment you're vulnerable.

Watch, words of wisdom by Jeremy Rodney Hall


Visual Smugglers is an animation and video agency. Less talk, more visuals.

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