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Edward Hooper

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Night windows


Visual Smugglers is about apprication of the greats and today we want to pay homage to Edward Hooper, one of my favrioute pictures by him is "Night Windows" 1928. 

Hopper painting makes are voyeuristic senses go wild. What is she doing? Who is she? You can even feel the breeze, his work has emotion to it, you can put yourself in the persons shoes and that is a sign of a great artist. 

Edward Hopper to me shows us how interesting a fleeting moment can be and has influenced many artist from Cinema to writers .

You always know what to focus on, and the simplicity makes them timeless. A lot of his work, is relatable as they summarizes how many people feel in the city. Lost and in solitude. Hopper is a great example of creativity because he shows you what a fascinating city we live in.

In the city the night time is full of stories that are about to unfold, pictures that could be a start to a novel, a movie or a song. We just have to learn and look out for these things.

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