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The Latest Camera*

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

This is a topic that excites a lot of people. Cameras, well we don't blame them. The cameras are cool. There more brands than 10 years ago.

We are pushing things to the limit.

We have many tools to pick from.

But we must remember these are just tools.

They make images but not a story or communicate a feeling.

My Story

My first cameras a Canon 10D, which was back in 2003. It was 6 million pixels.

When the iPhone came out, my thought was. This is garbage. My phone can take better pictures. So my phone was my main medium.

The way technology evolves is by getting smaller, cheaper and more practical. Look at the evolution of the phone.

Using a heavy camera all the time can be annoying. Having full manual controls sometimes takes you from actually creating.

Having a phone, you can take shots anywhere.

Makes life easier and the experience more pleasurable.

Switch years ahead and now iPhones have the ability to capture high res images that rival the SLR. Yet, I still use my video camera.

It's amazing how tech has changed our lives. We used to the arcade, go to restaurants and carry music on a separate device.

Now the restaurants come to you, games can be played anywhere. We hold all this power in our pocket. We have ultimate power.

We must not forget that, at the end of the day. These are tools, they will get smaller and affordable. They are tools that we have to work with. Tools that we learn the quirks off.

Before you start talking about cameras, you need to remember, the story first. Throughout history, we keep forgetting there are so many other things that go into making a movie.


We can have all the fancy graphics at the end of the day.

Yet I still play NHL 95 and listen to cassettes.

We can own a vast amount of digital content, but we usually go for what we liked from the past.

Never forget story first, tools later. These are just tools, you would think the industry would learn. We can access 1,000s and millions of songs on the internet.

It's somehow not fascinating. Just having everything in your pocket doesn't mean it's going to make your life better. It doesn't mean it's better. Fun has to be taken into the equation.

We have sharper lenses, yet people want the old fashioned look.

Don't buy the narrative the latest is the best, find what works with you and what you need to do. Not everyone is shooting 4k. Nor do you need it. They are just tools. You have to remind yourself. Story rules everything around me.


Visual Smugglers is a Toronto based Video agency that creates social media content for Brands and Business. You can view our reel at



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