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The Process of Video Production in 4 Stages

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

How are videos made? We’ve broken it down into four steps.


It starts with an idea, we sit down with our clients and get to find out the intention and purpose of why they want to create the video. We sit and listen, diagnose your need and give our professional opinion.

We are strong believers of inclusion in the creative process. By thinking each element before we shoot, we make sure the video has intent. This is integral to get your message across. This leads to step two, the Creative Brief.


The creative brief, this is a crucial process of the creative process. This is an integral part because we both make sure were on the same page.

This saves times and in turn saves money. We devote time researching what works and if the idea is possible. Once we get the green light, we create a more detailed creative brief, including the scheduling, script, shot list and details needed to make sure the shoot goes smoothly.

The creative brief also includes the strategy, contact, shoot details and break down of how we will approach the video. Once this is signed off by the client we go into production (filming)


Filming only begins when we are on the same page and everything is in place. We are strong believers in planning. A movie involves many moving parts and that applies to a commercial as well. We are a collective of Toronto’s finest videographers, editors, producers and motion graphic artist.

We keep everyone on the same page and make sure we are all focused on the singular goal of telling the story in the most engaging way.

By thinking and strategizing in the creative brief stage, we make sure that the shoot day is fun and make sure the talent or you both feel comfortable and have direction. Once we cut, we go onto the final stage, the editing and delivery of the project.


The editing of a project is where all the magic comes together, we like to involve the client in their process. Getting feedback from them and making adjustments.

It can take up to a month to finish a project. Just to give you some perspective it can take one year to make a movie, even if it’s a short clip, it takes time.

Editing involves many elements that all happen simultaneously. You have sound, music and the moving image that all happen at one time.   

We handle this whole process, from story editing, colour grading, sound mixing, music and motion graphics. Once we are pictured lock, we deliver the final video.

ℹ️ What we do

Visual Smugglers is a Toronto video production company that creates video for Restaurants social media feeds, because your selling more than just food, your selling an experience and we help bridge that message, from ideation, strategy, filming and final delivery of your projects. To find out more information us, watch our Reel and get a FREE quote, please visit



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