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5 Things I've learnt so far


Lessons I learned from my past (creative.)

First, never give up. You must remember no one is going to give you anything in your life. Because it's your life, not theirs. We all have a friend that says negative words to you. Those words start living in your head and you start asking yourself "am I good enough?", "I suck at this", or "I will never make it". That friend is also one of the biggest motivational factors you need because when you doubt yourself that's when you push to prove yourselves wrong. This friend we all have in common is doubt. It's a friend we never asked for, but need to push past the fear. Michael Jordan once said, "Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” We indeed made up these so-called fears, they never existed until we thought them. So why not think positive and believe in yourself that you will make it.

Second, it's okay to take breaks. Don't push yourself so much that you burn out. We're humans and rest is needed for us to charge up. Often we feel like we can do more today, and 9 times out of 10 that's true. In those moments yes work and stay focused. But listen to your body and mind by learning when to rest, and when you need to start the engine again.

Third, learn from your creative role models. Understand why they succeeded and learn from their mistakes. A lot of our work is influenced by their work. The important part is not to indulge just dabble from their work, but expand and create something better that suits your artistic skills. Now, don't measure your success based on your role models. Doing this will diminish your path to greatness. Understand we're all different people, with very different skill sets. So be patient with yourselves because you will make it.

Fourth, stay humble and help others. Life is short and it's the little things that count. Understanding a new generation is coming, and they will go through the same trials and tribulations as you once did. You were once a rookie and now you're a veteran, so passed down that wisdom. Always remember where you started, and how far you've come. Remembering when a goal is achieved to think back to when you first wrote down those goals, and the desire you had to achieve them.

Fifth, practice every day at bettering your craft. We have 24 hours in a day to do what we love. Take advantage of the day before it takes advantage of you. Keep working, keep chasing and never stop asking questions on how to improve your craft. I know life can be crazy and you don't have time to do what you love every day, but if you can take out 5 minutes in a day to learn or sketch something that can go a long way.

In summary, we all learn from others but most importantly from ourselves. Step back and reflect on your actions, words and thoughts. Question how will this help you achieve your desired outcomes. After you graduated from school or start living on your own, you never stop learning or growing. Every day is a test on how you can get better at what you love.



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