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Toronto Videographers

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

What is videography? When I started it out, a videographer was someone who showed up on set, pressed record.

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You would also be a one band team and you would lug around a heavy camera and point and shoot. You weren't heavily involved in the creative process, you hit record and lugged a heavy camera around.

Things have changed now, the videographer has evolved, equipment has gotten lighter and you see more creative work.

A videographer has evolved into a content producer. You have more involvement in the process, from the first meeting with the client, you help with the idea and help through the whole process.

Visual Smugglers is more than just a videographer, we help craft and sculpt your message so that we shoot with intention. We want to tell your brand message in an authentic way. We not only shoot and edit, we also research and help strategize what you can do with the content.

To find out more information about Visual Smugglers please visit our website to get a free quote.



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