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Personal Project - Urban Colours

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Some call it street art, some call it graffiti, I call it urban colours.

Why I started this project Urban colors was a project that I started in photography school after we were introduced to William Eggleston in school, his pictures grabbed me the right way.

My love for color didn't just stop there. Steve McCurry inspired me to switch from B&W to color. His bold work grabbed me like a moth to the flame.

Urban Colours

Colour has always fascinated me, ever since traveling in India. The streets were full of color and this theme has always stuck with me.

The thing that I learned from the streets of India is that people like to add some color to each corner, to make it a little more inviting a little more colorful. That's always stuck with me and everywhere you travel. You see a hint of bold colors scattered on a wall.


Urban colors to me are about those little details. It's about grabbing your attention and making you look at something you wouldn't normally look at.

We look at the environment in a different way, urban colors attract us to look. This is an evolving project. Whenever there is color there is life and there is art.


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Shiva poster, India.

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Street Art, Blue, Eyes, Urbans, Urban culture, street art, London, England, Brick Lane, Aldgate East, Urban Colours
Urban Eyes

Urban Colours, Street Art, silhouette

Urban Colours
Hong Kong

 Submarine Burger Frankopanska

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