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Urban Space

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

The streets are colourful and so is the universe, a project that started back in the '90s. We were given a photography project at school. After being blown away by William Egginton work. I was hooked.

This project is a subdivision of Urban Colours, which can be found on our Instagram. Every third picture is part of the Urban colours series on our Instagram

Colour has always fascinated me and in urban environments, it's what adds character to the grey or glass towers that dominate our environment.

The love for colour increased further when discovering Steve McCurry work. Going to India, it made sense to use colour. Colour challenges you. You got to work harder for your pictures.

Street art is that bit of colour, it's the details that exist around us. Space is a colourful entity so it made a natural transition to mix my love for street art and space.


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