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Video Production - Pre-Production Element

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

What is Pre-Production?

Before you start shooting, you start with an idea and with this idea you create a skeleton. We share one aspect of the pre-production skeleton contains all the elements that go into the pre-production of the project. We create a pre-production bible for each project.


The brain of a project is the concept of what we are trying to achieve. You also think about who you're creating this video for. Before you start shooting you need a clear idea, videos start through the written word. They are concepts that are formed before you hit record,


The visual aspect of the shoot, this gets described in the pre-production document. You show the vision of the project through storyboards, mood boards including the shot list.


Behind every project you have to have a backbone to it, this is where you discuss the scheduling, script, location brake down and so forth.


The pre-production aspect of a shoot includes all the preparation that goes into the video before we start shooting. This is a bible for the whole shoot containing each aspect and element for the shoot. When we plan better, we shoot better.

To view a sample pre-production document, please see:




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