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Why should I make a video?

The world we live in has changed, we once spent more time in shopping centers. You had to design an experience for your customer. Now things are changed, we turned from a physical space to a digital space. Why should you make a video?

Because of that very fact, your video represents your brand, it creates an experience, without it you're the equivalent of a store that has not put any effort into their interior experience.


As we live in a digital world, it's not going to change anytime soon. Are retail landscape has changed and eventually the only type of stores might be once that you can experience, i.e eating coffee spaces. You can't digitalize those experiences.

So what you supposed to do? You create a digital world, you create an experience on your site. You communicate your message. You make it easier for the viewer to see what you're about. You can even tell your story in 15 seconds, via the full-screen video feature for your website.

How do I stand out as a business?

You tell your story, we each have a story and people don't want to read a long bio. They want you to cut to the chase. When you see a Starbuck logo, you know what they do and who they are. They developed that brand, by putting attention to their physical space, by creating experiences.

In this digital world, a website and your social media are how you tell your story. The easier you make it understand, the easier it for your customer to understand. We are bombarded with content from everything that has a scream. It's screaming out, look at me. So why not make it easy, your customer will appreciate you for it.


Why should I make a video? Because we relate to business through a story and if people don't remember your story, you are forgotten. You have to stay on the mind of the customers and spread your message. The beauty of video is that it's working for you 24/7. No store hours, no sales representative, no "can I help you?"

As a business your business is to attract customers, in the physical world they used colour, design and imagery to attract customer. If you want to get customers through your door, you need to grab their attention.

Visual Smugglers is a Toronto Video Production company that creates Authentic, Bold and engaging video for Brands and Business. To find out more information on us, please visit our website

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