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Why Video Campaigns matter

What if you bought a chocolate bar and you only got one piece, let's say it's your favorite chocolate bar.

Content is like a chocolate bar, you get more than one piece and the whole thing works together to tell a story, don't just produce one story or video, produce a series of videos, allowing to tell your story.

Posting Meme or other people content isn't going to stay on their minds. If Nike and Coke used stock footage and posted gifs to tell their story, where would they be today?

They invested in their brands by creating branded content, telling the same familiar story, through that they stay on our mind.

To see one of our Video campaign we did for Planta Resturant 👇

Photo Campaign #NSFW


Visual Smugglers is a Toronto Video production company that creates Branded video/photo content for Brands and Business to view our Reel, Portfolio and get a FEE quote head over to



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