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Why you should do creative projects...

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

We live in a vast and colourful solar system, I've always been fascinated by the universe.

Our ancestors looked up and created stories from this starts and planets, what happened to our imagination.

Reason for creating So back to the point of this post, why should we make art? Why should we make our own creative work? Well like the body if you want to exercise it, we work out, we do some form of exercise.

What happens when we want to increase our internal happiness and soul? We make art, it allows our brain to work in creative ways. We can add and subtract things, we can be abstract.

This project flex my creative mussels, you don't have to go out and take pictures, paint or even write or draw. You can create digital collages of your work. The internet has allowed up to remix and pick from many different trees and place.

The key is to think about things in different ways, make connections through your art, find a difference, add similarities. Art is good for your soul, your mind, and heart. Here are just a few places you can find free pictures to experiment with.

FREE ROYALTY FREE CONTENT - Now go be creative!

Share, Collaborate, Remix, Reuse. We're changing the way people share around the world with our Global Community and 1.4 billion pieces of content under

Royalty free images are:

They even have online classes that help show you the healing powers of photography

Read blog, go creating something that you care about and let the reason of creation be the fun aspect!

The Universe project by Visual Smugglers

The Universe project



The Sun

Part of a series of pictures called "The Universe" photography by Visual Smugglers

Jupiter Rings

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