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What are the steps of pre-production?

Visual Smugglers was established in 2017.

We have worked with Apple, Porsche, Jarritos, Velour Beauty and many more. 


We brake it down as a process and like all process you have steps.

Before you hit record you need intention.  


We like to think of it as a ⚙️ process of 🧠 Critical Thinking. 

  • Who are you making this for?

  • Why are you making this?

  • What is the aim of it all? 

We like to think about the why, how and the what.

We think critically about each question.

We like to have an intention behind everything.

We like to sit and pause and think about each step. 

We help you with the whole process.

You can view our Demo Reel here and get a Free Quote here

✍️ Pre-Production 

Visual Smugglers help with the ideation, planning and logistics of the shoot. 

Before we hit record  

Helping to shape the idea and keeping the demographic in mind. Before we even start a project, we listen. We find the core ideas and revolve the idea around this and the demographic in mind. Sample Project


🎥 Production 

A video without intention gets lost in a sea of content. Story first, because the story rules everything around us. 


We are well versed on working on location and in the studio. We let the tools to let us define us, but rather let the story define everything. 


Visual Smugglers shoots with some of Toronto’s finest and believe in diversity. We include the BIPOC CommunitySamples Projects

✂️ Post Production 

We make sure every frame counts. It’s sometimes how many frames you stay on a shot or don’t stay on a shot. An edit is bringing the whole thing together. 


We put a great deal of amount of time into this process and handle the whole process from video editing, sound design and colour grading. Outputting the final file to your specifications ad final delivery. Samples Projects


🥾 Step Breakdown  


We brake things down into steps and walk you through the whole process. It's a collaborative process. Depending on the budget, the amount of work that is involved. 

Each stage is interconnected and the overall video is built on the foundation of the Pre-Production. We handle the whole process for you. Ideation, Shooting and final delivery. We help Smuggle your Message to the Masses. 

  • 🧠 Brainstorming session 

  • 📒 Creative Binder - Concept, interview questions, logistics, storyboards e.t.c

  • ✅ Approval of creative brief

  • 📅 Planning and scheduling of shoot

  • 🎥 Shooting 

  • ✂️ Editing & Revision 

  • 🔊 Sound Design

  • 🎨 Colour Grading

  • 🤖 Motion Graphics

  • 📦 Final Deliver

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