Mr. Serial Killer is a micro Instagram weekly series that also has attached to it a t-shirt brand, Visual Smugglers shot and helped with Creative Direction with this unique brand + story-based content. 


Collaborating with Mr. Serial Killer, creators of an Instagram Horror series and Brand with a killer clothing line. We created their visual content for their Shopify store and Instagram and social media feeds. Brands that have story photography and video element, help you stand out from the masses. 


We were with Mr. Serial Killers from the beginning and saw them grow from 5 followers to 1,00+ in a few months. Showing the impact of having fresh and original content. If you want to create influence you have to be thought leaders and create something original and we can help your vision spread through branded content, giving you a visual presence with meaning. 


Working closely with the owner of Mr. Serial Killer we helped with the Creative Direction, Cinematography and photography of the brand. Through steering our client in the right direction. Suggesting references to help with the direction of where to evaluate the brand and tell their story. We help through the whole process, taking initial ideas and that can be developed into photo and video content. 


We can help develop original, fresh, bold, and engaging video/photo promotional content to help spread your message. Get in touch and let's start the conversation. 



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