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Video Content To Promote, Offers & New Product Lines.  

We worked with Tkees brand in creating video content for their Instagram, Facebook video campaigns to help promote their "Nude" series of products. We shot and edited the project in a week, providing the content to help promote the new product and by giving the client various edits they could test which ad works. We live in a world where you can test for specifics, allowing you to hone in what works. 


We keep things in-house allowing us to do motion graphics, colour grading, shooting and editing and working closely with our clients we get to understand what they need early on and involve them through the editing process. Making videos is a collaborative medium and we want to bring your vision to reality and make sure your message comes through. 


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Client: Tkees

Services: Video Production Services,  Video Editing and Motion Graphics 

Content: Instagram & Facebook Ads 

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