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VISUAL SMUGGLERS is a DIGITAL AGENCY that was born in 2017 on the streets of Toronto, Canada

We move with intention. We Move With Purpose. It’s a lesson we learned early on as freelancers. We learned that from our FREELANCE days; IF YOU fail to plan, you plan to fail.


We started off as FOOT SOLDIERS, then we became G (a.k.a artist) and then progressed to UNDER BOSSES (Closest to the boss)  and then we worked our way to be the BOSS

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G proper.png

We learned to work as a unit. WE HAVE a set of rules, the code that we expect all our team members to LIVE BY


An important aspect of this is clear COMMUNICATION. We make sure we are always on the SAME PAGE.

Another important aspect of VISUAL SMUGGLERS is being AUTHENTIC. It’s about doing the work and Asking the question to get to the root of WHO you ARE.


You can only be your authentic self if you shed yourself from your own limitations. Visual Smuggler is a unit, who job is to smuggle your message to the masses.

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