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  • Visual Smugglers - Micro-serialized-horror-series | Mr. Serial Killer Brand

    About Series Promo Feed Instagram Micro serialized horror series #NSFW - Instagram Series and Branded Content Mr. Serial Killer is a lifestyle brand with an online Shopify store and a branded, micro-serialized series on Instagram. Visual Smugglers implemented the brand’s creative direction for the brand’s show and oversaw the cinematography and photography of the brand’s web site and web series. lewd fashion THE SERIES ​ Mr. Serial Killer is a micro . Visual Smugglers help find the look for MSK. Through research and mood boards. Instagram video series Visual Smugglers focuses on the look and feel of a project before we start shooting. Once we have that locked down we stick to a plan. This gives a branded feel to the content. barber shops near my location,master barber,straight razor shaving,beard barber,hairstyle,best barber,hair,men hair cutting,eyebrow threading,local hair salons,nearest barber shop,cheap haircuts,barber nyc,barber shops open near me,upscale barber shop,san francisco barber shop,barber shops open on sunday,barber shop nyc,barbershop near me,mens barber shop near me,barber shop near me,hair cuttery,the cut barbershop,men's barber shop,male haircuts,best barber shop near me,barber shop,barbershops,high end barbershop,barber shave,dc barbershop,new york barber shop,brow threading,hairdresser,good barbers near me,blind barber,find a barber shop near me,threading salon,city barbers,black barber shops,mens hair salon,mens barber shop,men's salon,best barber shop,the barber shop,traditional barber shop,waxing services near me,barber cut,mens barber,the border,barbers open sunday,mans haircut,nearest barber,black barbershop,vintage barber shop,kids barber shop,mens haircuts,hair trimmer,barber MSK Play Video Play Video 00:56 Trailer Play Video Play Video 00:59 Chapter 06 Play Video Play Video 00:59 Chapter 07 Play Video Play Video 00:59 Chapter 8 Play Video Play Video 00:59 Chapter 9 Play Video Play Video 00:59 Miss Baby - micro-serialized branded content Micro-serialized branded content Mr. Serial Killer.

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    Fullscreen Video Background Examples These days you have 30 seconds to grab someone attention when they go to your website. Full-Screen Video starts playing automatically when a user goes to your website or goes to your Facebook Page. Summing up what you do, visually in 45 seconds. ​ Full-Screen video is a visual montage of your Business, Brand or self. They are a powerful tool, for people to preview what your about before they find out more information. Add a little 🌶spice to your website and facebook page with a Cover video. We are the day and age of the moving image. Add a bold statement to your website with Full-Screen video. and let's start a conversation. Get in touch ​ GIVE PEOPLE A SENSE OF WHO YOU ARE WITH A FULL-SCREEN VIDEO The bellow is an example we have done for Ajax Downs, Love Child Social House and Visual Smugglers full-screen promotional videos. ​ Ajax Downs Full Screen Promotional Video Love Child Social House Full Screen Promotional Video Visual Smugglers Full-Screen Promotional Video

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    E-Commercial Video Production Social media is an undeniable force and attention spans are short, with a video ad you can showcase your product features in seconds. We have partnered with Krushit Vanzara who directs and produces video ads for our clients. You hire a team that is dedicated to your products and we will come up with an idea for your product, shoot, edit (include graphics, music and titles) all for you. ​ We create branded video content for e-commerce, entrepreneurs, wholesalers, brands and business. Have everything self-contained in a 30-second video, giving your prospective buyers a sense of what you do and an integral part of your sales funnel, we ad engaging video to your sales arsenal. These ads can be used for your Shopify, Amazon Store, Websites and Social Media campaigns from a post, targeted ads to stories. ​ BRING YOUR BUSINESS TO LIFE WITH VIDEO ADS Director: Krushit Vanzara Cinematography: Visual Smugglers ​ Product Video, in-house advertising team, ads for social media, Shopify product video, a product demo video, video commercial and sales video, brand video, explainer video for products, Instagram Ads Stories, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Short Video Ads 🔑Keywords: ​ Ecommerce Video Ecommerce Video Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing 00:30 Play Video ecommerce video marketing Now Playing 00:29 Play Video Product Videos Ecommerce - Translator Now Playing 00:29 Play Video ecommerce video for business

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    ​ Branded Stories ​ We tell your "Why" story in an authentic and engaging way. Why does this matter to you? What goes into making your business function. Why should we care? We make sure we hook your customer. We bring the why and how you get things done. Before we start filming we do research and make sure we ask the right question to get the story out of you. We help tell your branded story in an authentic and engining way. Branded Stories help with... Telling stories increases the PERCEIVED VALUE of what you do. The WHY behind what you do connects you with others Create a CONNECTION with your audience and this builds TRUST ​ Project Information ​ Title: Branded Stories ​ Services Provided: Small Business Promotional Video, Boutique barber Toronto, entrepreneur profile video Content: Branded Video Stories, Authentic Video, Mini-Documentary, Profile Video Branded Stories Branded Stories Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Now Playing Photographer/Musician - Creators Profile - Jeremy Rodney Hall 01:43 Play Video Now Playing Create Yourself - Words of Wisdom 01:51 Play Video Now Playing WOW Videos ep #1 Rich Francis Chief 02:35 Play Video

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    Honda Promotional Car Walkthrough Videos Visual Smugglers worked with REM Productions Inc for their client Honda Canada. To create video content for Honda Canada Inc (Autos & Vehicles) company. We helped with cinematography and directing ) for a series of promotional videos and car walkthrough videos in both French and English. The videos were used for FB marketing and Honda Canada youtube channel. Social media video content can be used to retarget others, you can have a Facebook pixel on your site and target a new car or car that they were admiring. Project Informaiton ​ Client: REM Productions Inc. Cinematography: Visual Smugglers Promotional Car Video, Honda Canada, Cinematography, Cinematographer, Car Videos, Autos & Vehicles Keywords: ​ Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing 00:39 Play Video The 2020 CR-V Black Edition Now Playing 01:37 Play Video CR-V Black Edition 2020 Now Playing 02:14 Play Video The 2020 CR-V Now Playing 01:23 Play Video The 2020 CR-V Sport Now Playing 00:57 Play Video Promotional Video Labspot Explainer video Now Playing 02:51 Play Video Présentation du CR-V 2020 (French Video) Now Playing 01:37 Play Video CR-V Black Edition 2020 (French) Now Playing 01:55 Play Video CR-V Sport 2020 (French)

  • Authetic Testimonial Videos - Visual Smugglers

    Testimonial Video We analyzed the views and motto of our client to get to their core values. This technique always helps us access the message they want us to deliver. The shoot is well planned, and we ask our client some relevant questions to make it more authentic. We made a promotional video for David’s Gym and made sure it conveys the right message. The project was completed in three weeks, including the planning and shoot. ​ ​ ​ Project Information ​ Title: DAVID'S GYM PROMOTIONAL TESTIMONIAL VIDEO Content: Instagram Video Campaign Services: Video Editor, Cinematography and Pre-Production, Music, Gym Promotional Video Keywords: Gym, Cardio Gym, Boutique Gym, Testimonial Video, testimonial video service, testimonial video production, best testimonial video, testimonial video questions ​ Testimonial Video Example Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied

  • Mars | Corporate Video sizzle reel | visualsmugglers

    Internal Corporate Event Video We work with other creative agencies and thoroughly enjoyed working with In The Birds Nest ( ) We filmed the two-day event and The Bird Best edited the footage within a 24-hour time frame. The next time you have a corporate event, we can create a sizzle real with fast turnaround. We help create engaging internal marketing videos that help inspire your staff and employees. ​ Project Information ​ Video Name: Mars Wrigley | Mars, Inc. - Mars, Incorporated - Event Video Editor & Motion Graphics: - Matthew 'Bird' Loreto Camera: Visual Smugglers In The Bird Nest Visual Smugglers Keywords: marketing video production company, Toronto Video Production, video agency, event video production, internal video company, Mars, Twix, Event video, corporate video production company Toronto Event Video Mars Wrigley, Mars, Inc Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied

  • About | Visual Smugglers | Toronto

    Established in 2017 , the " Visual Smugglers " are a Toronto Video Production Company . W e are V ersatile Content Creators creating promotional video content that is Eye-Catching and is Story-Driven . Visual Smugglers is a collective group of Toronto videographers, photographers, video e ditors and producers. We believe in collaboration with our clients to develop their ideas into a story, and we make sure we are on the same page before we start S hooting . .......WE WRITE, SHOOT AND EDIT ​ We I nvolve You in the process so that we both can be on the S ame Page . We have worked with Sick Kids , P&G and countless other Brands and Business as well as Creative Agencies and Restaurants to help them promote their services and events. Visual Smugglers is the in-betweener of your Business and your Story; we're the Storyteller , telling Branded Stories and smuggling your Message To The Masses . GET IN TOUCH ABOUT US (PDF)

  • Kickstarter Campaign Video - Visual Smugglers

    Crowdfunding Kickstarter Video ​ We helped in running a Kickstarter campaign for their new product the “Mismatched Designer Socks.” The ingredients of our video were their story and creativity. In addition to the features of your new product, you can tell your story to create a fanbase. We made this stop-motion masterpiece engaging, eye-catching and colourful. MrMiSocki ​ Visual Smugglers helps create your Kickstarter video from ideation, shooting and editing. We can even do the voice over and music for you. We want to make sure your Kickstarter campaign gets funded. , got fully funded and ended up being featured in GQ, Men's Health and Society of Illustrators. MrMiSocki Project Information ​ Video Name: MrMiSocki - Kickstarter Name Content: Kickstarter campaign, Crowdsourcing Video, Designer Sock Video, Promotional Video, Stop Motion Video Services Provided: Video Editing, Photography, Music, VoiceOver. Keywords: Designer Socks, Independent fashion designer, Crowdfunding Campaign, Kickstarter video production Kickstarter Campaign Video Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied

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