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Branded Product Video for Velour Beauty

The Ask

Visual Smugglers worked with Velour Beauty We worked with Director Shih-i-Liu. To create video content for their social media video marketing for their new product line "Lash&Go Eyeliner" 

The Setup

We helped with cinematography services, creating Behind The Scenes videos for one of their shoots. The footage was used for camping for their new eyelashes. Used in Instagram stories and targeted ads. 


We supply fashion marketing videos for large brands, to help with their branded content. We get you the content that allows you to bring insight, create an authentic connection with your audience, from fashion, beauty products and BTS video, we got you. 


Velour beauty is an intuitive fashion startup that sells their product in Canada, USA, UK and Dubai. Velour creates hand-made, high-quality, silk and mink lashes that you can wear 25+ times. They can be found in Sephora, Boots UK and Hudson Bay.

Promotional Product Videos

Content on Instagram 
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