Catering Companies, do what they do best, catering. We do what we do best, capture it. We allow you to focus on your job, while we do our job. 


Video allows people to see the attention to detail you provide. Having engaging video allows you to show what you do rather than tell others what you do. You can also add some dynamic video content for your website, great for full-screen video.  


This was a project we worked with “McEwan” catering to cover a P&G family day event. We collaborated with their Social Marketing Agency “Brand and Buzzing” to make an innovative and one of a kind catering video. The finished product stands out from the typical videos with its innovation and creativity.

Client: Brand And Buzzing for P&G and Mcewan catering

Running Time: 38 Seconds 

Content: Corporate Event 

Business Category:  Catering Video

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