Boutique Toronto Barbershop Profile Video​

We work wholeheartedly for our customers, and that helps us in establishing a deeper connection with your Brand and Business. 

We met with Mikka Gia, an awesome entrepreneur whose business relies solely on their connection with the clients. Through our video, we showed the customers what to expect from their experience.

We believe in leading with Authenticity, it's not a performance, it's a conversation, people switch off when they are being sold to. So to help combat that we create promotional videos that connects you with your ideal customers.

Project Information 

Title:  Words of Wisdom Episode #02 Mikka Gia (Barbershop Video) 

Services Provided: Small Business Promotional Video, Boutique barber Toronto, entrepreneur profile video

Content: Branded Video Stories, Profile Video, Words of Wisdom, Small Business Promotional Video 

Business Category: Boutique Barber, Barber Shop, Hairdresser, Men's boutique Hair Salon 

Barber Shop Video

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