Planta Restaurant Promo Video


We collaborated with the marketing team of the “Planta Restaurant” to come up with four episodically videos that truly explains their tale. We help tell your story and connect your brand to your target mobile audience. 


Let them experience the "Restaurant near me"  before they come. Video allows you to do this on another level. A salivating video taking away hesitation. We are a generation that looks before we buy. 


Working with Planta Restaurant, Toronto, we explored how executive Chef David Lee approaches creating his plant-based food. How the ingredients are used in the right proportions to make the mouth-watering food. A video can really help with your Restaurant marketing and help boost the sales of your restaurant. 


Client: Planta Restaurant  

#1 -  Experience at Planta

#2 - Chef David Lee & Food  

#3 - Design Planta Restaurant

#4 - Promo Planta Restaurant 

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Services Provided: Video Editing, Videography, Music and Story Development  (Pre-Production) 

Business Category: Plant-Based Restaurants, Vegan Restaurant Video, Vegetarian Restaurant

Restaurant Promotional Video 

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