We collaborated with the marketing team of the “Planta Restaurant” to come up with this masterpiece that truly explains their tale. The Delicious food they provide has the power of uniting people around a taste of rich culture.


We met executive Chef David Lee to ask about how the ingredients are used in the right proportions to make the mouth-watering food. A video can really serve to boost the sales of your restaurant; it is a good choice when it comes to digital marketing.


Client: Planta Restaurant  

#1 -  Experience at Planta

#2 - Chef David Lee & Food  

#3 - Design Planta Restaurant

#4 - Promo Planta Restaurant 

Content: Instagram Promotional Video Series, Resturant Brand Videos, Vegan Restaurants Video, Restaurant Promo Video

Services Provided: Video Editing, Videography, Music, Story Development 

Business Category: Plant Based Restaurants, Vegan Resturant Video, Vegetarian Restaurant

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