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Be You

KEYWORDS, BUZZWORDS, Video Production, Videography, Filmmaking, Marketing, and the list goes on, we live in a world full of buzzwords and Top 5 tips. Self Help Books and the word entrepreneur is used to describe anyone who doesn't work 9-5pm.

These are all just words with no real meaning, they are all pointing in the same direction. "Same" How do you stand out as a brand, if you just following a trend.

When the sex pistol came on stage, they were really different to anything that people had seen before. So maybe we're at this point, where great art will be born and we are rejecting the notation to being the same. You are starting to see people disturb the flow of content, content that makes you sit and think. You are taking in a different kind of message. A message that isn't trying to sell you something, but rather a message that you can relate to, a message that you can feel.

We are moving forward but at the same time we are also moving backwards. We are remembering the old principle of storytelling and being authentic rather than being the same.

Flowers, Colorful, New Delhi Flower Market
Be Your Authentic Self, New Delhi Flower Market, 2016



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