The Next Big Thing in Video

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Multimedia cd-roms the future?

Look at where things are heading, if you go on your feed your going to be inundated with content. Up, down, it's everywhere, but when you hit stories, you are taken into a personal experience.

We are so used to being bombarded with media that we now wanting a more personal experience. CD ROM's offered that, you put in one CD and you got one experience.

Where we're heading

The way things are heading, don't be surprised to see more self-contained, rich media experience, where you walk through or are guided through websites.

Personal and one to one experiences are going to be more evident in our culture. People will want to escape into pods, into universes. We went from sitting opposite the TV, to carrying the TV in are hands and now we put on glasses to have a more personal experience. We are just forming more personal relationships with our media.

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