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Story First

Story first, because story rules everything around us. In a digital world where 4k,8k, drones, and cameras are hot topics. Why should we care about the story? Why should you care about the story? Because our brain loves story. Think about it, think of a butterfly, can you picture one? Pretty neat, you came up with your own colorful fly.

Why Stories Matters Story lights your brain up, the story engages the brain. Facts don't, story triggers emotions, gives our brain a full work out.

When we can relate to a subject on a more personal level. We foster a deeper connection when people revel insights into who they are, we relate to this.

A story has the impact to put ourselves in other people's shoes or we can live in the shadows of someone's darkness.

A story is a reflection of us, parts we like, parts we hate.


A story is riddled with wisdom and insight to our past and future. We have used a story to pass on wisdom, strategy and give us hope. We tell ourselves story, they are around us and rule everything around us. Story first. What does a story mean to you?


Visual Smugglers is a Toronto Video Production company that creates Authentic, Bold and Engaging video/photo content for Brands and Business. We are driven by telling stories through visuals. To find out more information please visit us at



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