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Why, video?

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Good question, it's not really a video. Yes, that is the final product, but to get to that stage. You have to create a story. You have to have an intention.

A video is a creation of multiple elements combined together. Before we talk about the video. We have to talk about the idea. The premises of creating this. We then put that idea on paper and then start to plan on how to do this.

Before we ask why video, we have to ask, "Why" do we want to make this, what are we trying to express. What business am I in? What is my goal, what benefits do I offer? How does my product or service change how people feel?

Behind the video, it's start with why and a flow of question that together make a video. A video isn't about hitting record or is it "making a viral hit."



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