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We create digital campaigns for the travel industry

connecting you to Gen Z 


The Explorer



00:38 Seconds




This is a concept video, the full video would include intimate moments shared between friends, the journey from familiar to unfamiliar, sharing interactions with the locals and genuine interest in other cultures and ways of life. 


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We live in a new world, where digital media is at the forefront of the conversation.


We help by creating content that inspires, engages and relates to this new audience, which by 2020 will be the largest consumers of travel experiences.


Social Media is instrumental in providing travel inspiration for the younger generations. Inspire audiences to take the journey with you, through the art of engaging, reliable and authentic storytelling



What's Included in the video


- 12 Custom Social Media campaign videos. They will highlight the travel experience with specific imagery targeted to your audience.

-You can use the video for sales from the video for advertising 
- Showcase the multiple layers of the travel experience. (fun, adventure, challenge, beauty, learning, friends, growth, etc.)

Example of Branded Story 

Vlog style content 

Content is King, but like all kings and empires, you need a strategy. We can help with content that your target audience will be able to relate to. We can shoot Branded Stories and vlog style content. We are living in a world where connection and authenticity are important issues for Gen Z, we help create and deepen that connection. 

We will provide an appropriate amount of content depending on what your company needs. Our usual research period lasts for a month; we scout the location, plan our release schedule and plan logistics. We shoot for 10-14 days and spend our trip turning your ideas into reality. Our 2 month editing period will bring the whole vision together.




Next step would be to discuss questions you may have. From there if we feel this would be a great fit, then we would draft a contract and proceed from there.



The final deliverable is based on your needs.

The file will be available in both 4k Ultra HD, as well as HD formats.


A short social trailer. We also like to include a 30-45 second version of the video to share on

various social channels.


This video helps to drive traffic and awareness to the full-length promo. (Included is 30 min-1 hour of consulting to help optimize the different uses of the video)


We will work with you to provide copy for social media posts, create flyers and brochures as well as photography and video content.


We craft relatable engaging stories that showcase your goal as a company/service.


We will take care of everything from graphic design to social media management.


We work with a team of experts that can help support your content after it has been released.


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