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Devontee Series 

Visual Smugglers offers animation and video services.

We can create 3 month of content for you for your social media platforms.


We have worked with Adidas, CBC, The Amazing Race, Coachella and many more. 

We could create a series of videos where fans get to know you and you get to engage with them. We can set up a Slide-in your DM series. One day worth of content could provide a months worth of content. This content can be used for Stories and Tick Tock.


Music has changed and the audience wants to interact with you. They want to hear how you think without engaging.  This series can better connect you with your audience. 

We would create a 3D animation of you and your pet or sidekick. 

Create a story, come up with content ideas, shoot, edit and create a content strategy for you. We can also provide stylized image frame painting for $80 an image.


Video Services (Lighting, Pre-Production, Questions, Camera, Location) $1,120


Animation & Editing = $1,680


Total: $2,620 (Excluding HST) 

We can also just do animation i.e you can deduct the video service fee.

We can also include 5 frame painting, in the price for both packages. 

Videos: 3 Months of Content

Artist Portrait Picture

Promotional Profile Picture for Adom Woods 

Animation by Adom Woods, video by Visual Smugglers 

Frame Painting and Typography by Adom Woods 425,463 views

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