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Grab My attention

Grabbing attention

We live in a 24/7 world, where data is being collected and it's harder to get through because we're getting bombarded with images.

Thinking about it gives you stress. You hear advice on what you need to do, 7 best tips, motivational videos, and hustle culture.

What do we do with all this? Everything trying to capture your attention, but I'm feeling we're going to try and have more honest and natural conversations. The day where we are more human is eventually going to happen.

Media has changed but the message has always remained the same. We are just distributing the message in different ways. Instead of creating a large banner, selling you that owning this product will make you happy. We tell that image on an Instagram picture and with no copy to it.

More honest ones, remember storytelling. Telling stories, passing on wisdom, self-reflection, they will be an uprise for detoxing from media. One day was going offline and scream, "Hello, world.!" > End



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