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Fix it in Prep

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

We get that email all the time.

"We need a shoot, can we get a quote?"

You need content, we get it.

To us, the creative process is a collaborative process. and we like to start with the "Why"

When you watch a film or TV, you see 100s of decisions that have beforehand.

We approach film making and photography the same way.

There are many questions to ask before we hit record and take a picture.

We like to ask the questions before every shoot and when we get the questions we create a "Creative Brief"

The questions are more about who you are and what you're trying to communicate. What do you like?

Show me your world view, we want to learn from you.

We try to sum up your essence into keywords which help guide the story, look and feel.

Without a direction and purpose your wondering endless.

We live in an age where we're in an informational overload.

Just giving someone facts doesn't work. You have to connect with your audience and we get to the "What are you trying to say?" rather than be yes men.

We try to get to the purpose behind why you are doing what you do and craft a story through it.

The world has changed, the cooperate world has changed, people see behind fakeness.

They are scrolling all day, be a breath of fresh air and say something authentic.

Here is a sample question with visual example

Simple decisions on the look that your trying to achieve can be deiced before a shoot.

Do you want some eye-catching material, or do you want something safe and commercially.

An example of hard light. This is great for you want that image to grab someone.

An example of soft light. Great for e-commerce, show the product off and all the details.

🧠 goes into making images and video.

We ask the right questions to help you steer your message in the right direction.

Everyone is competing for your attention, it's a world of "Buzzwords"

If someone came up to you and just burst out with buzzwords you would ignore them. They just sound like crazy and everyone is just uttering random buzz words all the time.

We hear it all the time, fix it in the post, well, fix it in prep. When you have an intention on the day. You're going to get better content, the more you have the final vision in your mind you can perfect it and hone in the message.

Photographs for fashion brand


Visual Smugglers is a Toronto based video production company, feel free to check out our websites where you can watch our Demo Reel and get a free quote.




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