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Video Production Process Explained

⚙️ The Process Visualized

Step 1: Client onboarding 🛬

After we have agreed to move forward on a video project we send the client a client intake form, this is a questionnaire that quickly gathers information that is relevant to the project but that the client might not think of (what platforms this project will be shared on, how long it will be, what the ideal deadline is). After the client has filled out the intake form we will review the form internally with all relevant parties on the creative team.

We then have a 1-hour video chat to review the client intake form.

In this meeting, we will present all of the references and have a quick summary conversation about the project that we have agreed to collaborate on. The main objective of this meeting is to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page and we are able to move forward with intention and clear communication in order to respect everyone’s time and execute the vision .

👟 Steps

1. Client fill in, new client form via google form Link or go through client from with client (get to know the budget, as we are an agency and have to figure out what the crew size is. We need to know what we are budgeting for, we need to know the deadline, simplify the shoot, lessen the premium pieces, lessen the revisions.

2. Have a meeting with a client, find out what they need. It’s important to have a budget to determine the scope and you can limit the amount of revision, the deadline,

3. Ask for assets, logo, fonts and branch colours and any preference of music.

4. Get a 1st deposit, and start work.

Step 2: 📝 Pre-Production (The Plan)

After the one hour meeting, we will make a creative brief that clearly outlines objectives and how to execute it.

In our Creative Briefs, we include the idea and all the information needed to execute the project. This includes a mood board, shot list, script and any information related to the project.

This is a production manual. This serves as a reference for us. So we are on the same page. This work is called the Pre-Production stage. Once approved we begin the client intake process.

In the Pre-Production stage, we also like to go to location scouting, which is figuring out the logistics of filming at the location. We can fit our equipment and crew on location.